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Mid-South Christian College is not only about study and work because MSCC students find life in the activities, the

dorms, the cafeteria, the Conferences, the gymnasium, and in the hallways.

This life ranges from the goofy to the compassionate, from the formal to the relaxed, from friendships to teammates to

prayer partners, and to life-long relationships that still bind MSCC alumni together.


Student Council

Each year students choose their student council representatives who will plan activities and represent the students in the College. The activities planned range from fundraisers to off-campus lunches to bonfires. Council members meet every week or two over lunch as they pray and plan and hang out together.


Student Activities

MSCC students participate in a variety of planned activities during the year, though they might be different each year. During the 2015-2016 school year activities included a carwash to raise funds and a bonfire at our business manager’s home. There was lunch at CiCi’s pizza to give our lunch crew a day off, and a Spa Day led by our Hispanic students. The Christmas party included a crazy gift exchange. A local middle school invited our Hispanic students to participate in Hispanic Heritage Day. We all went to the Pink Palace Museum and closed out the school year with an open house and cookout.



Chapel is held once a week on Tuesday mornings and becomes a special time of sharing, learning, inspiration, and prayer. This past year’s program included missionaries to the Ukraine, local Hispanic pastors, new church planters, professors, MSCC alumni, testimonies and even a debate. The music is usually led by MSCC students and they also run sound and video. Translation is provided through headphones into Spanish or into English if the message is in Spanish.




MSCC provides a great small college atmosphere with small personalized classes and intimate fellowship, but students also enjoy fellowship with larger groups and with different and interesting people. Every fall MSCC hosts Ladies’ Day, where something creative is always the norm. The Growing Stronger Together conference brings in Christians from area churches to share ideas and fellowship. The Minister’s Appreciation Banquet and accompanying Men’s Conference allow students the opportunity to serve local preachers and share in the brotherhood. Real Life is the youth conference led by both current and former students.


Work Study

Many of the students at MSCC work to help pay their college expenses, cell phones, cars, or just extra expenses, and several work on campus in the kitchen, the library, the cleaning crew, or the building and grounds crew. Some also travel for the College to visit churches or church camps or conferences.



The primary residence at MSCC is an older building with more space than your typical dorm. Most of the dorms are 3 or 4 bedroom apartments with 2 bathrooms, a living room, and a partial kitchen. WiFi is available in the dorms and the laundry room is in the same building.

But the dorms are more than just a physical space. They provide a place to hang out, study, play the guitar, listen to music, watch TV, or just talk. The friendships forged in the dorms may provide some of the best times.



Of course College is not all fun and games. It is a place to learn and grow, to see the world in a new way and to appreciate the Gospel and the Bible more deeply. Classes are small, rarely with more than ten students, and time will be spent researching in the library and online, and interacting with books and videos.

Students do not always study alone, but often find it helpful to study together or ask for help from one of the staff.



ICOM is the International Conference on Missions and most of the students participate each year. It is so inspiring to share with thousands of believers, see the booths from missions around the world, and hear the testimonies from other cultures. This Conference is held in a different city each year and allows an opportunity for a road trip and an experience with different places as well. Who could forget the Italian pizza place in Indianapolis?



The MSCC Cafeteria offers more than just food. It is the gathering place where students, staff, and faculty share the latest news, get to know each other, and try to communicate with someone who speaks a different language. Conversations might include the latest college football game or someone’s haircut or young earth vs old earth creationism.


Student Areas

The pool table in the student lounge provides a welcome break between classes as students check their mail and maybe play some foosball, air hockey, or checkers. Students head out to the gym to run laps or play basketball or ultimate Frisbee or volleyball. The soccer field outside is often used by local Hispanic churches on weekends.

Students also enjoy the Café in the Resource Center where K-cup coffee or tea and a microwave await. The lounge area in the resource center has some of the most comfortable couches for relaxing with friends or for a meeting with a ministry team.